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You have to be included in the internet sandbox properly
if you want to get your share of clients and referrals


Marketing Services for Solopreneurs,
Small and Mid-sized Firms

Internet Marketing Presence

It all starts with a FREE consultation

The internet is becoming an increasingly important source for potential clients, particularly the younger generation.

Not only must you be on the internet to compete for these referrals, your site must be up to date,
mobilized and your content must be relevant and unique.


Sumner Davenport and select members of her team, have been creating strategy-minded websites for attorneys and law firms for over nine years. From simple five page websites to over 300 pages, these websites are for solo-practitioners to mid sized law firms.


It all starts with a FREE consultation

Safety & Security

FBI_WP2We go beyond simply creating an attractive website and internet presence. We add software and take measures to protect your website from hackers. Before you think you website is too small or not of interest to hackers, many hackers get a kick out of hacking small sites for practice, fun and bragging rights. If you are hacked, it is disruptive and often costly in terms of lost business revenue and expenditures on technical services to repair infected computer systems. Click the image at the left to read a blog post about a recent FBI warning about terrorist hackers targeting US websites.

Google is again showing its support for a more secure website WITH HTTPS. HTTPS is fundamental to internet security; it protects the integrity and confidentiality of data sent between websites and visitors’ browsers… Is your site HTTPS? If not, we can help.

Search Engine Friendly

Prospective clients spend an increased amount of time on their mobile devices, which increases their mobile expectations.

All websites are optimized for not only desktops, but include mobile and tablet.

All websites are designed and tested for mobile compatibility.


It all starts with a FREE consultation

Covering All Areas

 Website Design for Attorneys
 Citation Remediation (NAPs)
 Reputation Management
 Mobile Applications for Lawyers
 Online Marketing for Attorneys
 Pay Per Click Advertising on significant sites for Law Firms and Attorneys
 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Attorney websites, Blogs and Social Media
 Profile Listings and more on High Authority Legal Directories
 Social Media Marketing including Custom Applications

Making Sure You Are Legal Online

gavel2Whereas many companies focus on any industry and design from overused templates, we focus on business types where we have specific knowledge and expertise. We strive to understand and comply with the codes and laws of the legal industry, including ABA and State Bar Rules regarding advertising, Security and HIPAA compliance; coupled with an advanced knowledge and expertise on web management, content creation, branding, SEO, tracking, re-marketing and social media integration where appropriate.


It all starts with a FREE consultation

Search Engine Friendly

seo-blocksThere is no quick-fix to SEO, and there is no guarantee of one fix for long term results. With consistent search algorithm updates and more more search being conducted on mobile devices, there are many instances when your SEO won’t count for anything, unless it is supported with a Search Engine Strategy (SES), quality and relevant content, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), and a local search strategy.

Managing your online reputation can be a time consuming task. Disgruntled ex-employees or ex-clients can wreak havoc on you online without your knowledge. The longer the negative statements have exposure or are responded to incorrectly, the more it can damage your well earned good reputation. While you focus on what you do best, running your firm and servicing your clients, we comb the internet for you for any problems that may be lurking.

Your marketing does not end with your website or social media. We also create print ads, press releases, logos, newsletters and offer assistance with research, presentations and events. With our expertise in PowerPoint we can create your presentation for an event or trial exhibits.

Internet presence is not limited to only a website, or only social media activity. Integrating all possible options into a strategic plan delivers the most profitable results. Every internet strategy is different, unique and created after a through needs analysis of the client.

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